Annual Echo

Echo Time!

I had my annual echocardiogram at the beginning of the month, and on Thursday I had a follow-up (phone) appointment with my cardiologist. I’m happy to report that my echo looked great! No issues whatsoever. My cardiologist may order me a holter monitor test just to check on things, as I mentioned that my heart rate has been going rather slow lately, but other than that I’m in tip-top shape!

I tend to forget about my heart defect because I feel completely fine now, two years after my ASD repair. However, I always remember when I go for a run and can breathe properly now. It is a dream come true, literally. Years ago I used to have dreams where I’d be running for hours, effortlessly, and it felt incredible. Now I get to experience this in real life! I haven’t run a half-marathon yet, but I will before too long. (I’ve gotten up to 15km so far.)

I have to say again how grateful I am to my cardiologist; that my defect was actually discovered, and was treated so efficiently. My cardiologist is extremely kind and compassionate, and goes above and beyond what is expected of him. I feel blessed to receive such good care 🙂

Run with Gratitude!