Fall Update

I had an echo done in September, a bit earlier than usual, because I was having a lot of cardiac symptoms over the summer- chest pain, shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, and fatigue. Turns out my echo was perfectly fine, but my low iron was causing all the symptoms! I finally got an iron infusion in July and all the cardiac symptoms resolved.

Note: please don’t listen to individuals who say that if your ferritin is low BUT your hemoglobin is normal, you shouldn’t experience any symptoms. My ferritin was 9 and my hemoglobin was at the lower end of the scale but always remained normal; however, my symptoms were extreme enough to land me in Emerg more than once! Since my iron infusion, which was not covered by MSP, by the way, because my hemoglobin was fine, my ferritin level is over 120; I’m back to running, working full-time, and forgetting that I have a heart condition most of the time.

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