Holter Monitors and ER Marathons

I got the Holter Monitor last week, as seen in the above image. I had it for the regular 24 hours, and I made sure to exercise, even though I had to force myself, so I could see how my heart responded to physical activity. I’ll be following up with the Internist, Dr. G., tomorrow, and then my Cardiology, Dr. D., in three weeks.

Last Sunday and Monday I was extremely pale and short of breath, so after visiting the walk-in clinic, I was advised to go to the ER. I always get into a bit of a tizzy when this happens that I don’t stop and take some time to plan. I just rush off the hospital. In the future, I’ll make sure to stop and run through a mental checklist- Phone charger, headphones, and snack in purse? Warm sweater with me? (I’m always cold in the hospital) Bottle of water? I really could have used all of the above.

I got in quickly to get blood and vitals taken, and an ECG done. Then the waiting began… I’m fine with being in the ER for 3 or 4 hours or so, but 12!? Kid you not, I got there shortly after 2pm and left shortly after 2am. A word to the wise- do not have an emergency on Mondays! The doctor ended up not being able to find anything out of the ordinary. My labs were fine, as was my chest x-ray. I was beyond frustrated when I left. I’ll see what Mr. Internist has to say tomorrow…